Got my new phone


Here is a picture of Izzy!


In hell…

with sleep training. Our goal is to get Izzy sleeping by 7 in her crib and only waking once or twice to nurse. Pre-training she went to sleep at 11pm in our bed and slept until 7am. She would wake around 3:30am.

We need from 7 to 11 for Jackie and C time! Especially now that C is back working full time.

I will try to breakdown the hodgepodge of what we are doing soon. It’s essencially cry it out for 4 nights and hope that she’s sleeping by then. C and I hate to hear Izzy cry. Izzy hates her crib so she cries and cries. Her record is FIVE hours of crying. She is so hoarse she now croaks. (insert sad face)

C and I have to find a way to cope with the trauma of baby screams. Night one we drank a bottle of wine. Nights two and three (tonight) sangria.

Tomorrow night is the last that we will try this. I have no plan for what to do if this doesn’t work.

Sleep training

Please forgive the brevity as I’m still on ye olde phone.

We have just begun sleep training. I fear we created a cuddle monster because Izzy needs to be held to fall asleep. She actually used to need to be rocked to sleep, but we’ve worked her down to just being held to snooze. Tonight she screamed her head off for 30 minutes and slept for 10 minutes. She shrieks so hard that I can hear her going hoarse. Ugh. Then she screamed for another 28 minutes before conking out again. I hope she’s down for the night.

Keeping my fingers crossed…

Annoyed with D.roid

My D.roid Incr.edible doesn’t ship until 8/3.

(Insert frowny face)

Already one year ago

Dear Hayden,

On Friday July 17, 2009 we learned our dreams for you would not be. So often we look at your twin sister and see your twinkle in her eyes. Yesterday, she sat up all by herself for the first time. Each milestone makes us yearn for you more. We thank you for being Izzy’s guardian angel.

I have so much that I would like to say but can’t organize my thoughts. All I know is that we did not have nearly enough time with you and miss you terribly. You will always be a treasured member of our family.

We hope you can feel the love we have for you. We can certainly feel your love.

–Mommy & Mama

Plotting my comeback…

It’s been too long. I miss you all and I need to comeback. I’ve been in blissful baby land. “Mavis” is perfect! Yesterday she turned five months. She is a very happy easy going baby. I sometimes feel guilty that she’s so easy. We definitely have our tough moments, but overall we have the type of baby who tricks you into thinking that you could easily manage more kids. (wink wink).

Today I am *finally* eligible to get an Andr.oid smartphone. Once I have one, I can use the wordp.ress app to blog. I’m rarely near a computer these days and my smartphone is an ancient jalopy. I’m looking forward to getting upgraded and online!

See you (who are still stopping by) really soon!